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EMAIL: Photocat55@gmail.com

Welcome to my website. I truly hope you enjoy your visit.

I have been in love with photography since I was thirteen years old when I turned my bedroom closet into a darkroom. Barbie dolls and rollerskates gave way to developer and stop bath. My first camera was a worn out Browning given to me by my grandmother, and I had to use masking tape to hold it together tightly enough so that the shutter would open. But it worked.

I experimented with many different cameras through the years until marriage and children became my primary focus. Temporarily the shutters were closed. Now, however, after many years of PTA meetings and softball games, I have, once again, shouldered my equipment and resumed the pursuit of my passion: exposing God's naturally created beauty.

Several years of photo classes at Glendale Community College prepared me well for commercial photography, and I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement career. My earnest desire is to remain humble and please my customers by always being open to new ideas and suggestions.

Whether your special occasion is a wedding, a graduation, an anniversary, or a birthday for a joyous child, I want to capture those sparkling eyes and heart-melting smiles, and frame them beautifully in timeless memories for you and your family for generations to come.

Please e-mail me for a personal quote: photocat55@gmail.com


December 2009: Two of my photos won 3rd place in their respective catagories at Glendale Community and were published in the 2010 Traveler - a magazine published by the English & Art Depts @ Glendale Community College (Glendale, AZ).

CAROUSEL HORSE: http://www.fusionfotollc.com/Portfolio/Artistic/35230461_xXDMSd#!i=719407776&k=6HDDrPL

ABANDONED HOUSE: http://www.fusionfotollc.com/Portfolio/Infrared/35230454_R23WxT#!i=1192329202&k=XW5CZRX

November 2009: Photos on display at Gallery Celtica in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, for First Friday as well a throughout entire month.

October 2009: My photo taken at Arizona Center was chosen for the newly released Schmap Phoenix Guide: http://www.schmap.com/phoenix/tours_tour1/p=49818/i=49818_10.jpg

PHI THETA KAPPA SOCIETY - inducted March 2002


NAPP - National Association of Photoshop Professionals
PPA - Professional Photographers of America
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